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Katsuya KASAI

カサイカツヤ | Katsuya KASAI
Research field  (3): Money/Finance ,  Design and evaluation of sustainable and environmental conscious system ,  Environmental impact assessment/Environmental policy
Research keywords  (10): Infrastructure development ,  Sustainable Development ,  Macroeconomic Analysis ,  PPP ,  Private Sector Development ,  Environmental Policy ,  Emission Trading ,  CDM ,  Safeguards ,  Environmental Impact Assessment
Papers (8):
  • Katsuya KASAI. Instrasturcture Financing Trends in Africa: Implications for Japan. Journal of AFRICA. 2017. 57. 1. 20-27
  • Katsuya KASAI. Economic Woes in African Middle-Income Country, Ghana - Countermeasures for Economic Rebound. Journal of AFRICA. 2016. 56. 1. 30-35
  • Katsuya KASAI. Studies on the Determinants of CDM Project Hosting. Journal of Environmental information science. 2015. 44. 3
  • Katsuya KASAI. Towards Scaling Multi-Benefit Type Projects in LDCs: Empirical Analyses on CDM Project Hosting. Doctoral Dissertation submitted to the Graduate School of Economics, Nagoya City University. 2015. 23903-1491
  • Katsuya KASAI. How can LDCs benefit from the CDM?: A panel data analysis of the determinants of CDM project hosting. MPRA Paper. 2012. 52137. 1-52
MISC (3):
Books (11):
  • ETV Project: Verification Report on A Self-disposal Toilet in Mountaneous Area
    The Ministry of the Environment, Japan 2007
  • FY2013 Work Completion Report on Co-benefit Type Pollution Control Measure Promotion Works in Asia focusing on China
  • FY2013 Work Completion Report on Works of the Secretariat for the International Partnership for Promotion of Co-benefits Approaches
  • Proceedings of "Toward an Integrated Approach to Co-benefits in Asia: Building Bridges and Making Connections"
    The Ministry of the Environment, Japan 2014
  • ACP White Paper: Bringing Development and Climate Together in Asia
    Asian Co-benefits Partnership (ACP)/The Ministry of the Einvironment, Japan 2014
Lectures and oral presentations  (14):
  • 総合討論:ごみの世話、いつからいつまで?
    (第23回環境研究発表会 2009)
  • 富士山における山小屋トイレ維持管理費確保問題-総合パフォーマンス評価による自己処理型トイレ選定法とCVM を用いた入山料WTP 調査
    (第23回環境研究発表会 2009)
  • JICA環境社会配慮ガイドラインに求められる要件・事例紹介:環境影響評価
    (実務者・コンサルタントのための環境社会配慮 2013)
  • JICAガーナ事務所・農業産業セクターの活動及びマクロ経済動向
    (JOCV研修 2015)
  • IMFサブサハラ・アフリカ地域マクロ経済の展望
    (JICAアフリカ部勉強会 2016)
Professional career (4):
  • PhD in Economics (Nagoya City University)
  • MSc in Carbon Finance (The University of Edinburgh)
  • Master of International Development Studies (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)
  • Master of Global Environmental Studies (Kyoto University)
Awards (1):
  • 2015/05 - Center for Environmental Information Science (CEIS) Academic Paper Award 2015 Analysis of the Determinants of CDM Project Hosting
Association Membership(s) (2):
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