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ミチシタ コウジ | MICHISHITA Koji
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Other affiliations (2):
  • Shizuoka University  Faculty of Engineering - Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering 
  • Shizuoka University  Graduate School of Integrated Science and Technology Department of Engineering - Electrical and Electronic Engineering Course 
Research field  (1): Power engineering/Power conversion/Electric machinery
Research keywords  (2): Lightning Electromagnetic Pulse ,  Lightning
Papers (12):
  • K. Michishita, S. Yokoyama and N. Honjo. Measurement of Lightning Current at Wind Turbine near Coast of Sea of Japan in Winter. IEEE Trans. Electromagnetic Compatibility. 2019. 61. 807-814
  • M. Matsui, K. Michishita and S. Yokoyama. Characteristics of Negative Flashes With Multiple Ground Strike Points Located by the Japanese Lightning Detection Network. IEEE Trans. Electromagnetic Compatibility. 2019. 61. 751-758
  • 松井 倫弘, 道下 幸志、横山茂、佐藤智之. Height of Lightning Electrical Charge and Winter Lightning Damage to Low Structures in Coastal Areas of the Sea of Japan in Tohoku Region. IEEJ Transaction on Power & Energy. 2018. 138. 10. 829-836
  • [責任著者]Yusreni Warmi [共著者]道下 幸志. Lightning Trip-Out of 150 kV Transmission Line:a Case Study. International Review of Electrical Engineering. 2017. 12. 3. 260-266
  • [責任著者]Yusreni Warmi [共著者]道下 幸志. Investigation of lightning tripouts on 150-kV Transmission Lines in West Sumatra in Indonesia. IEEJ Transaction on Electrical and Electronic Engineering. 2016. 11. 9. 671-673
MISC (24):
  • A Method of Analysis of Lightning-Induced Voltages taking Account of Sarge Arrester in Ferguency Domain. The Transaction of The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan. 2000. 120. 6. 893
  • Analysis of Lightning-Induced Voltages Taking Account of Finite Ground Conductivity by Using EMTP. The Transaction of The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan. 2000. 120. 6. 899
  • Analysis of observed Lightning-Induced Voltages by Taking Account of Horizontal E-field. The Transaction of The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan. 2000. 120. 10. 1304
  • Experimental study of Lightning-Induced-Voltage on An overhead wire over Lossy Ground. IEEE Transactions on Electromagneic Congatibility. 1999. 41. 1. 39
  • Modeling of Pole-Type Distribution Transformer for Analysis of Lightning surge on Middle-Voltage Power Line. The Transaction of The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan. 1999. 119. 10. 1128
Lectures and oral presentations  (165):
  • Sparkover rate of medium-voltage line due to lightning-induced voltage
    (International conference on lightning and static electricity 2005)
  • A Study of E-field Peaks Associated with Maritime Negative First Return Strokes
    (American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting 2006)
  • Estimation of Charge Transfer Based on Measurement of Vertical Electric Field
    (IEEJ-EIT Joint Symposium on Advanced Technologies on Power System 2007)
  • Characteristics of Vertical E-Field Waveforms Associated with Return-Strokes on Southeastern Sea of Kyushu in Japan
    (20th International Lightning Detection Conference 2008)
  • Estimation of Sparkover Rate of Medium-Voltage Line Due to Direct and Indirect Lightning Hits Taking Account of Statistics on Observed Return-Stroke Current
    (29th International conference on lightning protection 2008)
Education (2):
  • - 1986 The University of Tokyo Faculty of Engineering
  • - 1991 The University of Tokyo Graduate School, Division of Engineering
Professional career (2):
  • Doctor Engineering (The University of Tokyo)
  • Master Engineering (The University of Tokyo)
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