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J-GLOBAL ID:201102231602597050   Reference number:11A1773503

Forming a tough shell via an intracellular matrix and cellular junctions in the tail epidermis of Oikopleura dioica (Chordata: Tunicata: Appendicularia)

Oikopleura dioica (脊索動物門:尾索動物亜門:アペンディクラリア )の尾部表皮内の細胞内マトリックスと細胞間結合を介して硬い殻を形成する
Author (3):
Volume: 98  Issue:Page: 661-669  Publication year: Aug. 2011
JST Material Number: D0195A  ISSN: 0028-1042  CODEN: NATWAY  Document type: Article
Country of issue: Germany, Federal Republic of (DEU)  Language: ENGLISH (EN)

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