J-GLOBAL ID:201110000110519720   Research Resource code:5000000068 Update date:Aug. 31, 2007

Forest Tree Genetic Resources

Owning Organization:
Contact: Genetic Resources Management Section
Resource classification: Bio resource (DNA, Cell culture, Protein, Bacteria, Virus, etc)
Research area  (1): Others
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has
conducted MAFF Gene Bank System comprising six gene
resource divisions since 1985. Among them,
the independent administrative institution Forest
Breeding Center operates Wood Gene Bank System out
of genetic resources related to forests and forestry.
The Center Bank (the Center) has registered about
20,000 individual strains and about 6,000 germplasms
such as seeds and pollen by MAFF Gene Bank System
by the end of FY 2000. It also took over forest stands
registered as on-site and non on-site conservation.
Among them, about 15,000 strains are distributable.
As to the distribution, it is stipulated by the
regulations of Forest Tree Breeding Center on the
distribution of wood genetic resources for experimental
research. Seeds, pollen, budwoods, and nursery trees
are distributed with a charge of 3,190 yen per unit.
User procedures and method:
File application form with the president of this
Any use subject to the rule and regulation of the
Fee: 3,190yen(exclude tax)
Use for research purpose is admissible.

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