J-GLOBAL ID:201110000445867609   Research Resource code:5000001231 Update date:Nov. 04, 2004

Digital Map 2500 (Spatial Data Framework)

Owning Organization:
Resource classification: Data,Database
Research area  (1): Geography
This Digital Map is digitized administrative boundary,
coastline, road, railroad, water boundary, building,
and control point, which are described on 1:2,500 map
(base map for urban planning). These data are necessary
to use in GIS (Geographical information System), and
those formats are appropriate to use in GIS.
All over urban planning area in Japan (about 96,000
square Km) is covered with 16 CD-ROMS.
Research field : Spatial Information Science
User environment and conditions:
CD-ROM: ISO9660/Joliet (JIS X 0606-1990) Attached Display Software: OS Microsoft Windows 98, NT4.0 after (Japanese language available version), Memory 128MB (256MB recommended)
User procedures and method:
JMC (Japan Map Center) or bookshops handling the maps of
GSI (Geographical Survey Institute)
Price: 7,500 yen/1 CD-ROM (taxes included)
JMC (Japan Map Center) phone: +81-3-3485-5414
facsimile: +81-3-3465-7591

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