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Contract testing

Owning Organization:
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
Facilities of thermal/nuclear power generation, petrochemical
plant, etc. are operated in the condition at high temperatures
and high pressures for 10 to 30 years. In general, metallic
materials has a character of creep at high temperatures even
under weak stress. Thus, long term materials strength with
creep characteristics of structural materials at high
temperatures is inevitable to be investigated for safety and
reliability on such equipments and facilities.
These results have been published as NRIM Creep Data Sheets,
which are recognized as one of the principal research subjects
for establishing reliability of high temperature metallic
materials. Our institute has been managing this project on
long term creep testing since 1966. We keep our effort to
have creep data on high temperature metallic materials more
than 40 varieties over 100,000 hours. Consequently, we have
already published more than 100 series of Creep Data Sheets.
NRIM Creep Data Sheets are used by research sites, governmental
organization, academic institutes, universities and companies
throughout the world with recognition as standard of material
strength data for various phases such as safety, reliability,
material choice and new materials development for high
temperature equipments.
These kinds of systematic data are highly evaluated by
world-wide users and we are honored to be the one and only
provider in the world.
User procedures and method:
Submit samples with creep testing consignment application
form to the Director-General.
Follow our article on Creep Contract Testing.
[Limitation of applicants]
No limits but need to pass our inspection.
[Limitation of purpose]
Only for research purpose.

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