J-GLOBAL ID:201110000615108520   Research Resource code:5000004568 Update date:Mar. 24, 2006

Tanabe, Nakajima Storm Surge Observation Tower

Owning Organization:
Resource classification: Others
Research area  (1): Water control science
Off-shore observation tower(steel structure) :
12.5m high from LWL to observation room, 23m high
from LWL to the top of observation mast. Measuring
instruments for regular observational operation :
Ultra-sonic wave gauges, 3-components ultra-sonic
type anemometer, Vene-type anemometer, thermometer,
User environment and conditions:
under the condition without any trouble to RCDE's observational research works
User procedures and method:
Users and Tower-manager should arrange a using
schedule and propose it to OLC before 6 months
or more of the project. OLC approves a user's
proposal after deciding conditions for use.

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