J-GLOBAL ID:201110000859695486   Research Resource code:5000002648 Update date:Nov. 21, 2003

Genetic resources of plants

Contact: KANNO Akira
Resource classification: Bio resource (DNA, Cell culture, Protein, Bacteria, Virus, etc)
Research area  (1): Breeding studies
Plants of Asparagus species are stored. The number of
species of registered stocks is 13 species including
Asparagus officinalis, A. schoberioides,
A. cochinchinensis, A. kiusianus, A. virgatus,
A. densiflorus, A. macowanii, A.asparagoides, A. falcatus,
A. scaber, A. verticilatus, A. stipularis, A. plumosus,
as of the end of fiscal 2002.
Research field : Plant Breeding
User environment and conditions:
Field or greenhouse for plants are needed.
User procedures and method:
[Qualification of User] None.
[Restriction on Use] Research use only.

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