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Plant Genetic Resources

植物遺伝資源 Plant Genetic Resources
Contact: NAKAMOTO Kazutoshi
Resource classification: Bio resource (DNA, Cell culture, Protein, Bacteria, Virus, etc)
Crop seeds and vegetatively propagated plants are
stored as plant genetic resources. The number of
distributable races etc. is about 110 thousand as
of March, 2000. The breakdown is as follows: 23
thousand for rice, 34 thousand for wheat and
barley, 11 thousand for legumes, 3 thousand for
potatoes, 9 thousand for millet and other cereals,
14 thousand for forage crops, 9 thousand for
vegetables, and flowers, ornamental plants, tea,
mulberry, tropical and subtropical crops.
A distribution unit is 1-2 g for small grain seeds
of forage crops, vegetable, etc. 5-10 g for middle
grain seeds of rice,wheat,etc.and 15-50 grains for
large grains of soybeans, etc. History and
characteristics information of above-mentioned
genetic resources is publicized on the Internet
and available.
User procedures and method:
[Procedure for Use]
Submit "Application of plant genetic resources
distribution for research" to the Director
-General of the National Institute of
Agrobiological Resources.
[Charge for Use]
Free for national research organizations.
5,700/one distribution unit amount as enacted
by crops for a private organization and a
person, but use free of charge is conceivable
for research under cooperation with a national
[Qualification of User]
[Restriction on Use]
Use except for research is prohibited.

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