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Rashid-ud-Din ; Jami'O-il-tawarix総索引

Rashid-ud-Din ; Jami'O-il-tawarix総索引
Owning Organization:
Contact: MATSUSHITA Shuji
Resource classification: Bibliographic database (Bibliography, Abstract, Full text)
Research area  (1): History of the Orient
The database is available with the Arabic alphabet to
search and display the whole text of the famous book
of Universal History by Rashid-ud-Din written in
Persian and Arabic alphabet.
User environment and conditions:
Researchers are free to transfer the database, because this old manuscript has no copyright problem, a hard disc is needed in PC-980, and the manual is available.
User procedures and method:
Procedure for use: Contact the person in charge.
Restriction on use: Some books are not copyable.

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