J-GLOBAL ID:201110003143576396   Research Resource code:0000000474 Update date:Jan. 22, 2008

Technical guidance

Owning Organization:
Contact: WAKAGI Shin'ichi
Resource classification: Service, Program, System, etc
Research area  (4): Machine material/material mechanics ,  Production engineering/processing studies ,  Machine mechanics/control ,  Intelligent mechanics/mechanical system
1. Technical counseling and guidance:
Written paper, phone call or individual
interview are acceptable about technical
2. Technical tour guidance:
When some technical problem happens, person
in charge goes over site and performs
guidance in detail according to happened
problem. (general technical
tour guidance, simple technical tour guidance)
3. Guidance by technical adviser:
For requests from industries, appropriate
technical adviser is selected to perform
guidance on spot.
4. Presentation of technical information:
Business report of examination and study,
technical information magazine including
new information about related fields are
published and distributed to relational
5. Study and lecture:
Study and lecture are held by lecturer to
announce study results and technical problems.
User procedures and method:
Make phone call, or come to our institute.
Not especially regulated.
Qualification of user: non.
Restriction for use: non.
Procedure for use: agreement with person in charge.

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