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Know-how resources of the finite element method

Owning Organization:
Contact: TAKAO Higashimachi
Resource classification: Service, Program, System, etc
Though the finite element method (FEM) is a powerful simulation
tool,various expertises and know-how are necessary for the
sake of effective use,and it is connected with the serious
trouble in the product development,when it errs in the use.
In this laboratory,expertise and know-how on structural
analysis, strength analysis, vibration analysis and thermal
analysis of structures by the FEM are possessed variously.
It is entrusted with the structural analysis by the FEM,
and the product application results of the FEM is accumulated
sufficiently. And,structural analysis engineer training by
the finite element method is also carried out.
"Know-how of the Finite Element Method"which arranged the
know-how on the structural analysis of the FEM is published
from MORIKITA shuppan Co.,Ltd..
User environment and conditions:
It is unnecessary for the case in which the analysis is
entrusted in this laboratory. The finite element analysis
system (hardware of personal computers,etc.and finite element analysis software)is necessary,when the requester analyzes it for himself.
User procedures and method:
Submit an application of technical guidance to the
Director-General of the Applied Electronics Research Center.
[Charge for Use] Chargeable
[Qualification of User] None

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