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Database of Information for Fisheris technology

Owning Organization:
Contact: HIROSE Kazutaka
Resource classification: Bibliographic database (Bibliography, Abstract, Full text)
Technical information about fishing, oceanographic
conditions, fishing and aquiculture technologies based
on the data obtained by fixed surveys, and on the
investigation of the environment of fishing grounds etc.
by Fisheries Experimental Station are compiled as databases.
Demands of users are automatically sorted by the computer
of the Information Center which automatically sends
requested information to FAX apparatus of the users.
It is available all day including Sundays and holidays.
Kinds of provided information
Information of oceanographic conditions: Environment of
fishing ground, fishing and oceanographic conditions,
water temperature, red tide, and laver
Other information on fishery technology: Aquiculture
fishery, resources and their management, fish farming,
marketing and processing, fishery groups, and others.
User environment and conditions:
Telephone (push button type apparatus) and facsimile (the apparatus which accept B4 sized paper)
User procedures and method:
1. Call 078-943-1319.
2. Follow the voice guide and push buttons.
3. Push the data number (four digits) and "#".
Then hang up and prepare for FAX reception.
Free of charge. No limitation for users. Telephone
apparatus without the push button function cannot be used.
This service is not available from abroad.

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