J-GLOBAL ID:201110003534934017   Research Resource code:5000000411 Update date:Nov. 05, 2004

Research on the database of social activity groups of senior citizens

Owning Organization:
Contact: YAMADA Ken
Resource classification: Others
Taking into consideration the needs of elderly people
in the regional society for social participation,
the basic design of the database concerning social
activity groups of elderly people was conducted as
a part of the information infrastructure. As to data
to be collected in the database, the details of
activities of each group were inquired by questionnaire
survey, and the results were screened.
Specifically,the groups associated with the social
participation of elderly people were selected to
construct the database from among those groups that
are conducting hobby and group activities or volunteer
activities in Shiga Prefecture. There are 566 groups
in the database.
User environment and conditions:
PC (including a browser) in the Internet environment
User procedures and method:
The information displayed in the URL of
“Sample” can be seen without any obligation. However,
any reproduction is not allowed since the database
is constructed with the collaboration of Kansai
Institute of Information Systems and Shiga Prefectural
Lacadia Promotion Organization.

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