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Owning Organization:
Contact: MIURA Yoko
Resource classification: Valuable Book Collection
Research area  (1): History of Japan
The Central Library houses the Ikeda Family
Collection (Ikedake Bunko) which contains
records and documents of Ikeda clan, the
fief lord of Okayama.The collection consists
of 68,083 items of administrative and
legislative archives, 22,117 volumes of
Japanese classics and 10,420 volumes of
Chinese classics.The collection is well
known as the first-rate primary materials
for the research of the system of shogunate
government and clan governments in the Edo
period in Japan.
The library set about making microfilms
(17 fields,2,486 reels)of Ikeda Family
Collection from August 1990,it completed in
March 1993.Furthermore,the library also started
a new public work which produced digital records
and database system of precious pictures in the
collection in July 1996,it exhibited on internet
in October 1997.The database of Shoshiki Kotai
(the records about post system of Ikeda clan)was
opened to the public on internet from April 1998.
Research field : Japanese History
User procedures and method:
reservation system

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