J-GLOBAL ID:201110004689962412   Research Resource code:5000002967 Update date:Nov. 29, 2005

Superconducting magnet database for fusion

Contact: NISHIMURA Arata
Resource classification: Others
Research area  (1): Nuclear fusion studies
National Institute for Fusion Science, Japan
Atomic Energy Research Institute, Research
Institute for Applied Mechanics in Kyushu
University have constructed "Superconducting
Magnet Database for Fusion", gathering many
R&D results and experiments which have been
done at each Institute. Contribution to design,
construction and operation of the new large
scale plasma device and the fusion reactor is
expected. The user can look at the database
using browser suchas Internet Explorer. The
database has been opened on October, 2003.
User environment and conditions:
The computer and some equipments ot connect Internet are needed
User procedures and method:
(Procedure for Use)Non-registration
(Charge for Use)Free
(Qualification of User) None
(Restriction of Use) Use except for Research is

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