J-GLOBAL ID:201110005517247505   Research Resource code:5000000057 Update date:Mar. 01, 2002

Database of land slide land form distribution diagram (spacial information database)

Owning Organization:
Contact: INOGUCHI Takashi
Resource classification: Global change (Meteorology, Space, Geology, Ocean,etc)
A diagram indicating "land slide land form", which shows land
slide variation occurred in the past, on a land form diagram.
Based on the land slide structure theory, deformation structure
on the earth crust face is read by a real view of aerial
photographs and shown by classifying into slid cliff, moving
body, inner structure, etc. Diagrams are made almost
corresponding to land form diagrams on a size of 1 to 50,000
issued by Geographical Survey Institute and the number of
completed diagrams is 166 at the end of the fiscal 1999.
The number of land slides reaches more than tens of thousands.
Numerization of the JST data base realization support business
is advanced now and it is planned to transmit the land slide
land information via the Internet in fiscal 2000.
User environment and conditions:
No restriction in use as far as a diagram is obtained.
A personal computer which can use a web browser is required
for Internet access in fiscal 2000.
User procedures and method:
Apply for a diagram by a form to the Material Room or the
Information Analysis Section in this Institute, and a real
thing will be lent when residual ones exist and, if no
residual exists, the diagram of duplication will be lent.
[Charge for use]
[Qualification of a user]
[Restriction for use]
Limited to public and nonprofit undertaking for such as research,
disaster prevention administration, etc.

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