J-GLOBAL ID:201110006896321330   Research Resource code:5000002933 Update date:Jan. 14, 2005

Old Maps of Nagasaki

Contact: MIYAKE Ikuo
Resource classification: Historical Materials, Ancient Manuscripts, etc.
Research area  (1): Human geography
Nichibunken has created a database of 221 color
photographic images of items in the collection
of old maps of Nagasaki in the collection of the
Nagasaki Municipal Museum, along with catalogue
information pertaining to these images from
Nagasaki Shiritsu Hakubutsukan shiryo mokuroku :
Tosho, chizu, shashin shiryo hen (Catalogue of
Materials in the Nagasaki Municipal Museum :
Books, Maps, and Photographic Materials). These
images and the related catalogue information were
digitized by Nichibunken.
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application in the International Research Center
for Japanese Studies database.
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the purpose of research on Japanese culture is

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