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0.8m × 0.45m High Reynolds Number Transonic Wind Tunnel

0.8m×0.45m 高レイノルズ数遷音速風洞
Owning Organization:
Contact: HAMAMOTO Shigeru
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
Main Objectives: This facility is constructed as
Japanese main vehicle to develop the wing cross
section, which has the excellent performance in
subsonic and transonic flight.
Performance: The most important feature of the facility
is the high Reynolds number generation and it can
maintain 30 times high Reynolds number condition
(based on chord length) The measurement is carried out
by the measurement of static pressure distribution
and total pressure distribution of wake on the model.
The direct measurement system for aerodynamic force
(lift and drag) in not carried out.
Testing Section Cross Section: 0.45m×0.8m.
Air Stream Mach Number: 0.2~1.40.
Duration: 9~100 seconds.
1979 The Facility Completion and Commenced Research
Activity. 1997 Enhancement.
User environment and conditions:
Equipment required for execution of an ordinary wind tunnel experiment is prepared in a general way. Special equipment is to be brought in.
User procedures and method:
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