J-GLOBAL ID:201110007507717794   Research Resource code:1000001110 Update date:Dec. 05, 2005


Owning Organization:
Contact: OKAMOTO Hisaki
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
Research area  (4): Synthetic chemistry ,  Bio-function/bioprocesses ,  Plant nutrient science/soil studies ,  Biological production chemistry/biological organic chemistry
Gas chromatograph mass spectrometer:
Equipment for conducting qualitative and quantitative
analyses of components of living organisms and trace
organic compounds
User environment and conditions:
Required to coordinate the schedule for use with other users.
User procedures and method:
Procedure for use: For further information, contact the
person responsible.
Charge for use: Actual cost for utilities such as heating
and lighting to be covered by users
Qualification for use: Research collaborator with
Restriction on use: Required to have knowledge on use of

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