J-GLOBAL ID:201110007584089550   Research Resource code:0000000414 Update date:Feb. 20, 2009

Information of Institute owned Facilities and Instruments

Owning Organization:
Contact: FUKUCHI Yuusuke
Resource classification: Data,Database
Research area  (9): Analytical chemistry ,  Organic industrial material ,  Inorganic industrial material ,  Polymer/textile materials ,  Machine material/material mechanics ,  Machine mechanics/control ,  Measurement engineering ,  Metallic physical properties ,  Food science
Data base of the data about the main apparatuses
at the Center based on the following items
Items: name of an apparatus, name of the maker,
performance or specifications, use, materials to
be examined, charge rate for use, photographs of
the apparatus, etc.
Collected data: 184 sets
Renewal: planned to be once every year
User environment and conditions:
Easy use for anyone who has hardware and software accessible to the internet
User procedures and method:
Nothing in particular

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