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Catholic collection

Owning Organization:
Contact: KURIYAMA Yoshihisa
Resource classification: Others
Research area  (1): Religion studies
Catholic Collection
Catholic collection has about 2,000 items classified
as of December 1, 2004. As a library of Christian
university, the collection aims at assisting domestic
and foreign researchers who study the history of
Christianity of modern Japan by providing a good deal
of materials related to Christianity. It contains
bibles, prayer books, hymnbooks, books of theories,
handbooks, missionary's materials, and other
publication related to Christianity including Catholic
and other sects, all of which were published in Meiji
and Taisho periods or at the beginning of Showa
Period. It also has foreign historical materials on
Catholic missionary in Japan and other Asian
countries. Furthermore, the library collects,
irrespective of the year of publication, literature
such as church chronicles, chronicles of monastic
orders, missionary's books, parish reports, church
reports, etc. which were published by churches or
monastic orders. In addition to these the library
collected biographies of Saints. It not only purchases
materials from market continuously but gives high
priority to collect books as presents which are lying
idle at Christian institutes, organizations or
individuals. (The collecting period was from 1965,
when the second meeting of Vatican, to 1970's.) The
library prevents these materials from getting
scattered and lost, and although on the verge of
growth, it forms a characteristic collection of books.
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