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High-Field Magnets

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Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
A series of the most advanced high-field magnets has been
integrated at the High Magnetic Field Station or the Tsukuba
Magnet Laboratory(TML).TML is now a user facility that is
open to all qualified researchers in all kinds of research
[Specifications of Main Magnets at TML]
Large scale magnets
Hybrid magnet(P-1) 36.5 T
Hybrid magnet(P-2) 32.4 T
Resistive magnet 25 T
21 T superconducting magnet 21.7 T
Pulsed field magnets (non-sestructive)
Long-pulsed magnet (A) 73.4 T
Long-pulsed magnet (B) 63.5 T
High-repetition magnet 40 T
High-precision superconducting magnets
High-resolution magnet 11.75T
Solid state NMR magnet 15.5 T
High-precision magnet A 20 T
High-precision magnet A 16 T
Solid state physics magnet 20 T
Small scale superconducting magnets
18T general purpuse magnet 18 T
Split-paired magnet 15 T
Cryo-cooled magnet 10 T
User procedures and method:
Submit TML user application form to the Director-General.
[Charge for using]
No charge.
[Limitation of applicants]
Researchers qualified as having ability of cooperative
research with NRIM researchers.
[Limitation of purpose]
Only for research purpose.

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