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Resource classification: Others
(1) We have constructed a database of the genome of
domestic livestock, including pigs, cows, mice and
human beings, on the UNIX machine. This database
stores information on sequencing maps, physical
maps of chromosomes, PCR primer information,
document information, etc.
(2) We have developed a search system that takes
advantage of World Wide Web, so that users, who
are even unfamiliar with computers, may use our
database. The system enables users to seek
detailed information of genes in question, by
displaying the images of sequencing maps and
physical maps of chromosomes on a terminal and
designating a gene symbol on the screen. World
Wide Web can be used for key word search and
document information search. We supply a search
system to the users of personal computer
communication by e-mail.
(3) Operation of the database on a trial basis was
started in June 1994 and the database has been
available on the internet free of charge since
October 1994. We have been continuing to improve
the system according to the suggestions of users.
[Resource property]: 1)database
(1) About 100 MB
(2) All of the data in the past is stored.
(3) Online: WWW and e-mail
User environment and conditions:
Machines usable by the clients of World Wide Web or machines available on the internet or accessible by e-mail.
User procedures and method:
Procedures for use: No procedures for use are required.
Use fee: Free of charge
Qualification of users: No conditions
Restrictions on use: Nothing

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