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The Library of Pamphlets formed Mainly by George Wiliam Lyttelton.

Owning Organization:
Contact: Information service division Senior library staff
Resource classification: Historical Materials, Ancient Manuscripts, etc.
Research area  (1): Western history
The collection of pamphlets published in the middle of
19th century. It is part of Baron Lyttleton's library,
England. The collector was the 4th Sir Lyttleton,
Gladstone's younger brother in law, was consecutively a
member of the Upper House, the vice-minister of colonial
office, a privy councilor, the chancellor of Birmingham
University. The collection covers almost all social
problems in then England, about general public
education, women's suffrage, public health, temperance,
the poor, Jew, etc.
User environment and conditions:
Monday~Friday: 8:45-17:15
User procedures and method:
Fill in the call slip of special materials when visiting
the Library.

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