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Contact: MIURA Kazuki
Resource classification: Data,Database
Research area  (1): Applied entomology
System shceme:
The Tenteki karte system consists of several subsystems:
the Tenteki Karte database, an IPM mailing list, the IPM
advisory committe, and related database.
The Tenteki Karte database:
The Tenteki Karte database was developed to facilitate easy
access to the accumulated factual data of biocontrol trials
in farmers'field and greenhouses. Registered users (mainly
farmers or extension officers) can enter the results of
their biocontrol trial into a special fact sheet provided
either as an Internet web page or in a paper form. Each data
sheet is stored as a temporary file and sent to two referees
who check for mistakes, such as typing errors or numerical
errors. After review by the two referees, data is accumulated
in the database.
A user can search one or more appropriated cased using some
key words such as the crop, pest problem or similar cultivation
conditions etc. on the Web. If the user needs more details
of a case, they can contact the recorder using the information
provided. If the user chooses to introduce a new biocontrol
agent, they can input their own results into the database,
so adding to the case-data.
IPM mailing list and advisory system:
Registered users can joint the mailing list to discuss IPM
especially biological control. The advisory committee supports
the mailing list discussion. The advisory committee consists
of volunteers with an extensive knowledge of natural enemies.
If a non-registered user, "guest", sends a query and message
through the Web page, the messages is transferred to the IPM
mailing list. Advisory committee members can reply to the
The advisory committee also supports farmers who are thinking
of introducing biocontrol agents.
User environment and conditions:
User procedures and method:
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