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YEBIS for DNA Alignment

YEBIS for DNA Alignment
Owning Organization:
Contact: KURODA Masako
Resource classification: Software, Program
Research area  (1): Basic genome science
YEBIS for DNA Alignment is a system which allows for multiple alignment of
more than one DNA sequence. It uses Tree-based Round-Robin Iterative
means a longer computation time but a more precise multiple alignment,
compared to programs which use only the progressive method and are currently
considered practical such as PileUp in the GCG package and ClustalW
developed by EMBL. YEBIS for DNA Alignment executes multiple alignment
of submitted DNA sequences and delivers the result to user by e-mail. Users can
also view the result graphically at our website.
Research field : DNA alignment, multiple alignment
User environment and conditions:
User procedures and method:

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