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Radioisotope utilization and radiation satety in life sciences

Owning Organization:
Contact: JOSHIMA Hisamasa
Resource classification: Service, Program, System, etc
This three-week course is intended for scientists who are
working in biology in biology and medicine. The major topics
covered are the basic sciences, techniques, and radiation
safety methods related to the application of radioisotopes
in biology and medicine.
User environment and conditions:
tuition fee(105,000yen). A discount is allowed on students(52,500yen)
User procedures and method:
[Procedure for Use]
Apply to Training School, National Institute of Radiological
Sciences by a written application form.
[Charge for Use]
105,000yen A discount is allowed on students (52,500yen).
(Fees for utilities etc. are charged on a dormitory user.)
[Qualification of User]
Graduates of the science course of a university, or a college,
or a person with the same level of academic ability who is
working for research on medicine, biology, biochemistry,
etc. or would-be.
[Restriction on Use]
Number: 16 persons Term: 3weeks Once a year

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