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Ancient and Medieval Urban Life (Prices) Data Base

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Research area  (1): Cultural anthropology/folklore studies
This database was developed by collecting price data
in the 8th to 16th century to study urban life styles,
particularly the characteristics of consumption in
ancient to medieval times.
Research on Price Fluctuations in the 15th to 17th
Century (Workshop on Modern Commodity Prices, Kyoto
University) is famous as a commodity price chart. To
complement this research, this database deals with
relatively many data on before the 14th century and
on Kanto district.
As well as prices of commodities, various services
such as expenses for labor are also target of this
database in view of dealing with the history of urban
The need to deal with the highly wide target arises
from a limitation that such services and distribution
of goods were not always occurred under pure economic
relationships. This database also deals with the
locations where services and distribution of goods
were occurred regardless of rural or urban sites,
and deals with general balances such as land taxes
and other taxes.
Items are categorized by class and subclass for
convenience' sake, and users can perform keyword
research on these items. If you find some items
categorized inappropriately, please inform us for
This database is a part of results of a collaborative
research Studies in the Urban History in Japan
(Group A). Please refer to Vol. 92 (Distribution and
Consumption in Ancient and Medieval Urban Life
(February, 2002)) and Vol. 113 (Distribution,
Consumption and the Places in Ancient and Medieval
Times (March, 2004)) of Bulletin of the National
Museum of Japanese History. Particularly, the Vol. 113
includes The Development of Database on Ancient and
Medieval Urban Life (Taichi Nakamura).
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