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Open Test Room

Owning Organization:
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
The companies in Kagoshima Prefecture can
carry out tests in the three fileds,
bilology, ceramic industry and textile
industry by themselves in the Room.
User environment and conditions:
The user should shoulder expendables.
User procedures and method:
1. Send in an application for usage permit
to the head of the Center.
2. When it is accepted, the head of the
Center informs you of the permission.
Medium and small-sized Enterprises in
Kagoshima Prefecture.
Organization and Individuals especially
permitted by the head of the Center.
Conditions for Usage:
1. The test room should be used only for
testing of the application.
2. The equipment in the test room should
not be carried out and lent.
3. The user should shoulder materials and
4. According to instruction manual and
directions of the staff, use the equipment.
5. If anything is wrong with the equipment,
notify it to the staff promptly.
6. When the user finishes test, the staff
checks the equipment.

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