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Facilities usage system

Owning Organization:
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
This is a system for the businesses in
Kagoshima Prefecturewhere they have
access to the testing and research
facilities equipped in the Institute.
User procedures and method:
Procedure for use of facilities and the charge
Article 8. A person who wants to use the facilities of
the Center is requested to submit the form of Application
for Permission for Use of Facilities to the Manager.
2. The manager can accept the application as far as the
application does not obstacle the operation of the
3. The manager deliver the document of acceptance for use
of facilities to the applicant when the manager
accepts according to the first paragraph.
4. Person who granted the permission to use facilities
(hereinafter called User) are requested to pay the
5. In calculating the charge, passed minutes less than
an hour is calculated as an hour.
Qualification of users
Items of compliances to use facilities
The users of the facilities of the Center are requested
to comply with following items.
(1) Experts to handle facilities are selected in advance
and make them use facilities.
(2) Users are requested to bring tools and measuring
instruments other than specified.
(3) Usage of more than two facilities are prohibited in
(4) When malfunctions or abnormalities are found during
usage, prompt communication to the Center person in
charge is requested.

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