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Library of Eigaku Araki

Contact: UEDA Hiroyasu
Resource classification: Valuable Book Collection
Research area  (3): European language literature ,  Literature of various countries/theories of literature criticism ,  Others
Public Anglicist Waichi Araki (1872-1957), also an employee
of Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, had expanded
his book collection. After his death, his family donated
his collection to us in January 1958. This book
collection was named Araki English Literature Collection
because documents on Western Studies, especially on
English Studies, were mainly selected from the wide his
collection. This collection has valuable documents on
Western Studies such as, Pieter Marin, "Dutch-French
Dictionary", 4th edition, "Rangakukaitei", and "Yakuken".
This collection also has valuable documents on English
Studies such as "Eibunkan", reprinted edition, "Eigosen",
"Waei Showa", "Shoten gaiwa tsuin benran", and "Pocket Dictionary of
the English and Japanese Language", revised and enlarged
User environment and conditions:
This collection is available for inspection only at Imadegawa Campus Library, Doshisha University.

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