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St. Francis Xavier Collection

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Contact: KURIYAMA Yoshihisa
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Research area  (1): European language literature
St. Francis Xavier Collection
The collection includes researches on Francis Xavier,
Saint (1506-1552) published in all parts of the
world from 1600's to today. It consists of 99
materials such as selected rare books and books which
were out of print. They were written in English,
French, Latin, Spanish or Portuguese. In addition,
four framed prints of Francis Xavier are included in
the collection. The materials published between 17th
and 19th centuries include important materials or
different editions which were not published even in a
noted book on Japan edited by Henti Cordier (1849-
1925), Bibliotheca Japonica (1870) (contained in this
collection, but reprint edition). Rare books published
in Macao and Goa are also included in the materials.
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