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Library of Komuro and Sawabe

Contact: UEDA Hiroyasu
Resource classification: Valuable Book Collection
Research area  (3): Japanese literature ,  History of Japan ,  Politics
This book collection was established as a memorial to
Shinsuke Komuro (1852-1885) and Seishu Sawabe
(1856-1886), who grew up in Miyazu City and became
liberal democrats. Nobuyuki Nakajima, Eikichi Kimura,
and Masanao Matsumoto gathered donation to establish this
book collection. This collection comprises documents
mainly on Japanese history, especially numerous
manuscripts published in the modern. Drafts and
manuscripts handwritten by Suiken Tachihara, Jushin
of Mito Clan, and his book collection are included in
this library. Suiken Tachihara was a celebrity who
became Head of the Historical Museum of Mito Clan,
made revision of "Great Japanese History" to publish.
Documents of Hokiichi Hanawa, a scholar of Japanese
classics in the mid-Edo Era, stocked at Wagakukodansho
are also included in this collection.
User environment and conditions:
Part of this collection is available for inspection via Digital Archive on the Doshisha University's website. The actual stuff is available for inspection only at Imadegawa Campus Library, Doshisha University.

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