J-GLOBAL ID:201110016266866580   Research Resource code:5000001540 Update date:Mar. 25, 2008

Specimen owned by Center for Ecological Research

Owning Organization:
Contact: KOITABASHI Tadatoshi
Resource classification: Factual data,Factual database
Research area  (1): Ecology/environment
The Center has specimens of zoo plankton, benthos and isaza, an endemic gobid
fish, collected in the long-term regular survey of Lake Biwa. The database of the
collections will be open in the near future.
User procedures and method:
If you are interested, contact to Mr. Koitabashi
of Center for Ecological Research,
Kyoto University. The address is 509-3, 2-chome,
Hirano, Otsu, Shiga 520-2113
Japan.You can also either call on
+81-77-549-8200 or send a fax on +81-77-549-8201

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