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Haras collection for art and literature in the latter period of the Edo era.

Owning Organization:
Contact: Head,Section of Information Management
Resource classification: Others
Research area  (1): Aesthetics/history of art
It consists of materials handed down from generation
to generation of the Hara family, an old family in
Taihei Mura (present Numazu City), Sunto Gun,
Shizuoka Prefecture, including 451 items and 1,281
books covering mainly late Edo Era to Meiji Era.
It is a valuable collection including mainly haiku
books, poems, travesties, paintings, topographies,
Buddhist books, books of Japanese classical
literature and natural science books.
User procedures and method:
Charge for use: free
User's qualification: nothing in particular
Constraint on use: nothing in particular
Ask the reference section for details.

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