J-GLOBAL ID:201110016566070400   Research Resource code:1000000647 Update date:Nov. 25, 2004

Morimoto Bunko

Owning Organization:
Contact: Information service division Senior library staff
Resource classification: Valuable Book Collection
Research area  (1): History of the Orient
This collection comprises about 2000 books of old
Japanese and Chinese books, kept by Takamatsu Morimoto,
scholar of Chinese literature. It includes Minritsukoku
jikai, Koki jiten, Shijitsukan, Shaki shuchu,
Nihonshoki, Seibuki, etc.
User environment and conditions:
Monday~Friday: 8:45-17:15
User procedures and method:
Fill in Application form for reading semi valuable books
during the time of visit.

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