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Hyakubu Sosho Shusei (Eiin Han)

百部叢書集成 影印版
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Contact: 利用支援課 資料サービス係
Resource classification: Others
Research area  (3): Chinese philosophy ,  Literature of various countries/theories of literature criticism ,  History of the Orient
Facsimile reprints of 101 series of publications
published in era of Sung to Qing in China are made
at Yiwen Yinshuguan in Taipei in 1964 to 1970.
In each series, bibliographical documents cited
from Shikoteiyo or the like were attached. Lost
books were restored as much as possible. There
are 7,950 books of basic sinology in total.
User procedures and method:
For details, inquire of the person in charge.

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