J-GLOBAL ID:201110017803566209   Research Resource code:5000003431 Update date:Jan. 26, 2005

Tree trunk specimens,Wood speciemens

Owning Organization:
Contact: Office, The Nagoya University Museum
Resource classification: Research resource, Research sample, Prototype, etc
Research area  (3): Living organisms diversity/classification ,  Forestry/forest engineering ,  Timber production science/wood engineering
Dating standard sample of Kiso-hinoki--5,
Large discs of Tropical tree species--7,
Buttress of tree and special tree samples--12,
Large samples of TemperateZone tree-160,
Stem analysis specimens--11,
Panel of vegetation of world tree species--1,
Wood specimens of world species--3700,
Microscopic prepared samples of world wood--3000,
Partial samples of palmtree--40,
Other wood processed sample--120,
Forest products, seeds and roots samples--200
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