J-GLOBAL ID:201110017815264640   Research Resource code:5000004413 Update date:Feb. 06, 2006


Owning Organization:
Contact: YONEYAMA Tadashi
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
Research area  (3): Electronic device/electronic equipment ,  Functional biochemistry ,  Food science
Facility equipped with Biosensor Evaluation Equipment,
Sensibility Analyzer, DNA Analyzer, Biopolymer
Interaction Analyzer, Fluorescent Microscope and etc for
supporting biodevice development
Research field : バイオデバイス、感性評価
User procedures and method:
Biosensor Evaluation Equipment 2700yen/hour, Sensibility
Analyzer 3300yen/hour, DNA Analyzer 3000yen/hour,
Biopolymer Interaction Analyzer 6600yen/hour,
Fluorescent Microscope 1800yen/hour, Gaschromatograph
Mass Spectrometer 3300yen/hour,Living BodyMicroscope
4100yrn/hour, X-ray Microscope 4400yrn/hour, Liquid
Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer 3700yen/hour,
Viscoelasticity Meter 2300yen/hour, Aminoacid Analyzer
4000yrn/hour, Desktop Type Scanning Electron Microscope

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