J-GLOBAL ID:201110018744314647   Research Resource code:5000000390 Update date:Oct. 28, 2003

Database of information about the location of test results of flowers and ornamental plants (public)

Contact: MUKAI Toshihiro
Resource classification: Other
Attached paper manual) (cover only)
(Resource attribute)
1. Database
(1) 20907 data (public)
(2) 1973-1999
(3) Offline: FD
User environment and conditions:
1. Personal computer
User procedures and method:
Procedure for use
Address for application
Research Coodination Section,National Institute of
Floriculture Science, National Agricultural Research
Organization Fujimoto 2-1 tukubacity, Ibaraki pref.
305-8519 Japan
TEL: +81-298-38-6809
Rental fee: Free
Qualification for user: None
Restriction for use: None

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