J-GLOBAL ID:201110019153649964   Research Resource code:5000001734 Update date:Nov. 10, 2004

Botanical Specimen of Bryophyta

蘚苔類植物標本 3,000点
Owning Organization:
Contact: ASAKAWA Yoshinori
Resource classification: Factual data,Factual database
The Institute keeps a collection of liverwort
specimens which have been collected all over the
world. Compositions of the specimens have been
analyzed by means of gaschromatography and mass
spectrometry. For specimens collected in quantities,
chemical compounds have been identified and
structural formulas determined. The numbers of
related papers and general articles are 300 and 3,
User procedures and method:
Specimens are lent those who apply by postcards,
telephone calls, or fax- or e-mails.

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