J-GLOBAL ID:201110019626250908   Research Resource code:5000002452 Update date:Nov. 21, 2003

Wavemaking Tank

Owning Organization:
Contact: Yasuaki DOI
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
Research area  (1): Ship marine engineering
In the wavemaking tank, motions of elements of ships or
offshore structures due to wave induced forces and the
method of wavemaking are studied. Dimensions
(Length x Breadth x Water Depth) : 43mx1.2mx2.0m
Possible Wave Length : 0.6m-15m Maximum Wave Height :
0.4m Driving Motor : 6.17kW x1
User environment and conditions:
It is requested not to disturb the research. at Hiroshima University
User procedures and method:
Procedure : It is requested to consult with the person
in charge. Qualification : Cooperative researcher with
Hiroshima University

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