J-GLOBAL ID:201110019703399340   Research Resource code:1000001077 Update date:Nov. 13, 2002

Pulsed Beam Generator-Eridatron II

Contact: KITAMURA Akira
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
Research area  (4): Plasma science ,  General applied physics ,  Structural/functional materials ,  Atomic power studies
Pulsed Beam Generator-Eridatron II
Purpose; Generation and application of high power
ion/electron/X-ray beams.
Accleration voltage; 0.4MV,proton 20kA,electron 130kA,
Pulse width; 60 ns
User environment and conditions:
A Thomson parabola spectrometer, an optical spectrometer for visible wavelength region, and a flat-field grazing-incidence soft-X-ray spectrometer are available.
User procedures and method:
For particulars, apply to the person in charge.

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