J-GLOBAL ID:201110020084437214   Research Resource code:5000001900 Update date:Jan. 27, 2005

Educational System for Environmental Monitoring and Surveying using GPS

Owning Organization:
Contact: AIKAWA Akira
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
Research area  (3): Geography ,  Natural disaster science ,  Traffic engineering, land planning
The Civil Engineering Department of Oita National
College of Technology has developed a new educational
experimental system for environmental monitoring and
precise surveying using the Global Positioning System
(GPS/GLONASS), the electro-optical distance measuring
instruments and the conventional surveying tools. The
system is advantageous whereby highly accurate three
dimensional positions and displacements of measuring
points are taken simultaneously. It has the capacity
for continuous high-accuracy monitoring 24-hours a
day in all-weather, over a wide range, over a long
distance and over a long term. The system can be
applied to measure and monitor various ground movement
phenomena, such as land subsidence, landslides,
volcanic activity, mountain collapsing, and other kinds
of ground movements.
Research field : Civil Engineering / Traffic Engineering and Regional <br>Planning / Surveying

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