J-GLOBAL ID:201110020668135252   Research Resource code:5000001241 Update date:Jun. 26, 2007

Normalized Difference Vegetation Index(NDVI)

Owning Organization:
Resource classification: Global change (Meteorology, Space, Geology, Ocean,etc)
Research area  (3): Geography ,  Environmental dynamic analysis ,  Weather/oceanic physics/hydrology
The Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) data
which the degree of activity of the vegetation of a
whole country is created from meteorological observation
satellite NOAA/AVHRR sensor data, and it opens to the
public through the Internet.
Research field : 環境<br>植生<br>リモートセンシング<br>NOAA
User environment and conditions:
Scientific visualizatioin software needs to be used.
User procedures and method:
Especially procedure is not needed.

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