J-GLOBAL ID:201110020719643827   Research Resource code:5000000061 Update date:Nov. 02, 2001

K-NET strong-motion seismograms

K-NET 強震記録
Owning Organization:
Contact: Hiroyuki Fujiwara
Resource classification: Global change (Meteorology, Space, Geology, Ocean,etc)
This is the data base of very strong earthquake type records
from about 1,000 points all around Japan. Country wide records
of very strong eqrthquakes occured since June, 1996 are opened
on the Internet. A CD-ROM is made every a half year and is
available at major libraries. Down loading is possible by
occured earthquakes or by units of observation points.
User environment and conditions:
Three kinds of data files by UNIX, DOS, and ASEII are opened.
User procedures and method:
No restriction

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