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Tada Michitaro Memorial Library

Owning Organization:
Contact: YATABE Ai
Resource classification: Historical Documentation
Research area  (5): Area studies ,  Gender ,  Aesthetics/history of art ,  Cultural anthropology/folklore studies ,  City planning/architectural planning
Library collected around 1990-1995 under supervision of
Professor Michitaro Tada, of which a part consists of the
contribution by Mr. Katsuaki Kaneko through the research body
Professor Tada was the founder and first director of the
Mukogawa Institute of Esthetics in Everyday Life, and became
the second chairman of the Gendai-Fuzoku-Kekyu-kai , a
corporate body for research on contemporary customs
User environment and conditions:
Closed stacks,use of copy machines possible on request
User procedures and method:
Procedures for use
Please contact the Mukogawa Institute of Esthetics in Everyday
Life beforehand and apply for the appointment.required
Free admission and use
As to the specific qualifications required,condition of use,
please the personnel in charge beforehand.

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