J-GLOBAL ID:201110021305245672   Research Resource code:0000000006 Update date:Oct. 12, 2004

Program Package of GO-FLOW, a System Reliability Analysis Technique

Owning Organization:
Contact: MATSUOKA Takeshi
Resource classification: Software, Program
This is a program package of system reliability
analysis technique to thoroughly inquire establishment
of success.
Reliability analysis of a large scale system with
complex behavior can be executed with this program
package. Excellent analysis of time dependence,
failures with a common cause, uncertainty, etc. can
be executed. It also has a function to output the
analysis result on a diagram or a table.
User environment and conditions:
Windows personal computer.
User procedures and method:
[Procedure for use]
Inquire to:
Applied System Technology Department
CRC General Research Institute
[Charge for use]
Software price: PC version: 100 thousand Yen
Work station version: 300 thousand Yen

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