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Marine Field Station

Owning Organization:
Contact: KIJIMA Akihiro
Resource classification: Others
The Marine Field Station (former Education and Research
Center of Marine Bio-resources) is located in front of the
Onagawa Bay, the southern part of Sanriku Ria coast of
Ocean. Field educations such as marine production
practical of marine biology, etc. are conducted for both
undergraduate and graduate students. The following
facilities are also available for researchers.
1. Research Vessel, 'SUIKOU'(19ton)
2. Woriking Ship, 'KAISEI'(outboard).
3. Open rearing ponds(5 large, 2 middle,
6 small ponds).
4. Temperature controlled mating experiment system
for invertebrates.
5. Rearing experiment system with natural lighting
for invertebrates.
6. Large FRP aquarium for observation.
Research field : Integrated Field Science

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